Flying with Robins

Ollie and Quentin is a buddy strip about the unlikely friendship between a seagull called Ollie and an adventurous lugworm called Quentin despite the obvious food chain disparity that suggests Ollie should be more interested in Quentin as a snack than as a friend.

The strip follows their adventures as they learn about each other and treat us to their often hilarious bird's eye and worm's eye view of our world. Unsurprisingly, for two creatures living outside of their normal habitats, their daily antics often end in disaster especially for thumb-sized Quentin who has a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He's been squashed, stretched, swallowed, chewed, inflated, frozen, even used as a bar of soap but our plucky little hero takes it all in his stride, never letting his small size deter him from having fun with his feathered cohort.

The Characters:
Ollie is fiercely proud of being a gull. (Don't ever call him a duck). He's rarely seen without his little blue cap which doubles as a sea captain and pilot's cap. He got his name from an ankle ring he used to wear. It actually said the number 31770 but looking at it upside down on his ankle he read “OLLIE” and the name stuck.

Cute little Quentin Spartacus Shortstuff is almost completely indestructible which is fortunate considering the perils that confront him every day. Incredibly dextrous there isn't much he can't do depite having no arms and legs. One of hundreds, if not thousands of siblings not to mention his countless uncles and aunts. An incurable romantic, he is unlucky in love and struggles to get a girlfriend. He has dates, somehow, but they're often failures. He has a lughood sweetheart called Rosie who he's always trying to impress but his love for her in unrequited. She prefers bad boys like Stupid Idiot Gary, Quentin's rival for her affections.

Nobby is an artist. He's an affable, single guy with enormous patience who serves as both foil and witness to Ollie and Quentin's mischievous antics. He's often the voice of reason, a calming influence and anchors their otherwise unbelievable world to our own.

Other characters include two mischievous Eggs (Ollie's nephews/nieces), the Evil Mrs.Cadaver who lives next door, a fish called Maximus Decimus Meridius, Barbara and Nigel the attic pigeons and Quentin's part time bodyguard, a Venus Fly Trap called Rex.

Ollie started life as a character on board a British lifeboat but has since jumped ship. Quentin was created as an homage to all the poor lugworms I used as bait while sea fishing in my youth. He is named after my youngest brother ... er Quentin. Nobby is the nickname my lovely Mum gave me as a child.