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As a child, I used to set myself cartoon drawing examinations in the hope that one day I'd be good enough to be a syndicated cartoonist.

After 5 great years at King's School Bruton boarding school in the heart of the beautiful English countryside I spent a year doing voluntary work with Project Trust in Egypt where I survived a plane crash. On my return to the UK I enrolled in classes at the Epsom School of Art but having accidentally left all my work on the train one day I had to abandon college and look for a job. I was lucky enough to find work as a studio junior in a small advertising agency where I learned to be a graphic designer. In the years following I helped run a small design agency where my specialty was designing ice lolly wrappers for Wall's Ice Cream. Much of my work can still be seen in bins around the UK and Europe.

In 2000 I decided to pursue my lifelong ambition of becoming a cartoonist and worked as an illustrator for kids school books. Then in 2002, I created the comic strip 'Ollie and Quentin' as an homage to all the poor lugworms that I'd used as bait while sea fishing in my youth. 'Ollie and Quentin' was first syndicated by King Features in 2008.

I'm now the cartoonist for my new whiteboard animation business called Doodle Ads. We produce very engaging quick drawn cartoon explainer videos..

A champion 400m sprinter in my youth I still enjoy running today although at a far more leisurely pace. In fact I'd rather be on my bicycle!

I live in the wonderful city of Manchester, England, with the utterly gorgeous Alison. I have two grown up children, Kristian and Esme, both of whom make me very proud, every day.

Standing almost 6'6” in height I hit my head a lot and hate clothes shopping.


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